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Lions Chevron Service Awards

Pictured L-R: Lion Judy Hunt (10 years), Lion Pam Jewett (10 years), Lion Jeff Jewett (10 years), Lion Norman Hunt (50 years!), Lion Carolyn Greenwood (10 years) and 2nd Vice District Governor, Lion Neil Iverson.

2nd Vice District Governor, Neil Iverson, attended our March 23rd meeting and presented the following Chevron Service Awards:

10 Years of Service

  • Pam Jewett

  • Jeff Jewett

  • Judy Hunt

  • Carolyn Greenwood

  • Charlene Bartlett

  • Gwyn Dixon

  • Miranda Curther

  • Susan Greer

  • Theresa Haskell

  • Louis Shorey

15 Years of Service

  • Gladys Glidden

  • James Saban

  • Jason Libby

  • Louis Sell

25 Years of Service

  • Thomas Jamison

30 Years of Service

  • Donna Brooks

  • Brian Huntley

35 Years of Service

  • Grace Daniels

  • Lois Joslyn

50 Years of Service

  • Norman Hunt

Congratulations to all our Lions! Thank you for your continued commitment to lionism!

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